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​Reading is one of the most important assets an individual can possess. It is a skill that enables us to access a world of knowledge, broadens our experiences and unlocks the magic of the mind. 


Supporting literacy and effective writing in every home.

The Write Aide Family Literacy Program aims to emphasize the importance of family reading partnerships. Our focus is to create a culture of literacy by promoting literacy activities that benefit all members of the family.  As a literacy leader and advocate, we promote awareness and provide support for literacy to members in our community all FREE of charge!

We Offer
  • At-Home Reading Strategies
  • Resource and Referral Assistance
  • Resume' Writing and Employment Application Assistance
  • Intergenerational Literacy Activities
  • Buddy Books (Free Book Program)

The Benefits
This approach empowers families and parents to be their children’s best teachers and advocates. Parents raise their own literacy levels and understanding of literacy at the same time that their children are learning. While parents gain information on how to help their children in school and make learning a lifelong experience, their children develop reading, writing and school-readiness skills through interaction with trained educators. Families gain exposure to literacy-learning techniques modeled in their own homes.  

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​The Write Aide is Proud to Announce its Official Partnership with
The Give a Book Get a Smile Literacy Program

If you need help with literacy in your home we are ​The Write Aide ​for you!



Collegiate and Paralegal Experience
In 2006 I graduated from Spelman College.  For two years of my collegiate experience I wrote for ​The Spelman Spotlight, the campus newspaper opinion and editorial section.  I was honored to be a member of Pi Sigma Alpha, Political Science Honor Society, as well as National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS).  I worked as a legal assistant for Loletha Hale, Esq. in Clayton County from 2003 to 2005.  This provided an opportunity for me to improve my writing skills and work one-on-one with community individuals in need.
Graphic Design and Business Communication

​From 2006 until 2009, I worked for a large office and printing company.  During this time, I gained valuable experience in production, creation and management.  A majority of my experience included printing, logo creation and business advertising concepts.


Since 2014, I have served as Secretary and Policy Council Representative for the YMCA Snapfinger HeadStart  Center, Secretary for Columbia HeadStart Parent Committee and Secretary and Vice-Chair of Policy Council for Partnership for Community Action HeadStart/ Early Head Start.  One of my main responsibililties is to communicate valuable information and to create event notifications/flyers for the organization. 

This Just In!
As of November 28, 2017
The Write Aide is the official Community Representative for CDI Policy Council 
Serving DeKalb and Rockdale Counties.

Program Director Hope Reads program through Hope Wanted non-profit organization
Freelancer & Researcher
 In 2010, I returned to school.  In 2012, I received my Master's Degree in Teaching and Learning from Argosy University.  In April 2017,  I earned a Doctorate in Education.

Dissertation: ​Exploring Nontraditional Undergraduate Students' Perceptions of  Campus Engagement 

 Since 2011, I have been a freelance writer and have not looked back.