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​Effective and creative writing is the key to communication.   
​The Write Aide ​is dedicated to providing quality professional writing, editing and design services.  

The Write Aide

Dr. Portia K. Wayne, Ed.D.
Freelance Writer & Author

​Effective and creative writing is the key to communication.  ​The Write Aide is dedicated to providing quality professional writing, editing and design services.  

​The Write Aide...
Give Your Vision a Voice!
I am a freelance writer, ghostwriter, editor and proofreader specializing in marketing, editorial and public relations for small businesses and individuals.  If you need writing assistance, I am The Write Aide ​for you!  As a professional writer, it is key to collaborating on a message that YOU want to convey.  That's why I value the importance of writer-client communication.  I will take your idea and transform it into an article, brochure, blog or copy for a website tailored to your business goals.  I am organized, creative and possess exceptional research skills.  If you  need editing services, The Write Aide will clean up and polish your work so that it shines.

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